Virginia Master Naturalist Photo Contest Update

Author: Michael Reinemer

Telling stories and connecting dots about the natural world in Virginia are among our roles as Virginia Master Naturalists. Photographs can speak volumes about the flora, fauna, landscapes and our volunteer work in the Commonwealth.

So Fairfax Master Naturalists was pleased to receive a treasure trove of terrific images from members for the 2018 Virginia Master Naturalist photo contest. Selected entries from Fairfax Master Naturalists will be submitted for the state competition.

Milkweed seed, Kent Gardens Park, VA. Photo by Fred Siskind.

Beyond the contest, these types of photos help us spread the word about conservation, stewardship, and the wonders of nature we get to see up close.

A big thanks to contributors this year, including Michael Fox, Ana Ka’ahanui, Tami Sheiffer and Fred Siskind.

If you have photos about your FMN experience or Virginia’s natural world that you wouldn’t mind sharing with the public via FMN, feel free to send them to us with a caption and photo credit.