What happens to your recycled items these days?

That’s a good question as the worldwide recycling market has changed dramatically in recent months, especially due to “Operation National Sword” in China.

Here in Fairfax County, the local third-party recycling processor says nearly 30 percent of material received is actually trash. To do our part in this worldwide process, we need everyone to focus on reducing the amount of contaminated materials placed in recycling bins. There are five ways you can help stop the practice of “wishful recycling” – placing items in the recycling bin because you think they will probably be recycled.

In the link below, we invite you to learn about:

— 5 Ways to Adjust Your Recycling Habits (No “Filthy Five!”)
— Download Our “Always/Never” Recycling Flyers
— Where Does Your Recycling Go?
— What the Recycling Process Looks Like
— Who to Contact With Questions

Stop “Wishful Recycling”