Shortleaf pine Crop Tree Release, June 29th



Conway Robinson State Forest, Gainesville, VA
Meet at the parking area on N side of US-29 at the intersection of University Blvd and US-29
Saturday, 29 June 2019
7:30-11 am

The planted shortleaf pines at Conway Robinson State Forest, though a native to the area, is facing strong competition from the faster growing loblolly pine. Come out and help Department of Forestry release the shortleaf with hand tools. What is a Crop Tree Release (CTR), why would we do it, and how would we go about it? CTR is a pre-commercial (doesn’t make money) practice that targets a certain species or category of trees that are desirable, but are facing competition from their neighbors. The idea is to remove the competition in favor of the desired or target trees and allow said trees to grow freely. This removal is best done mechanically by cutting down or girdling the competing trees adjacent to the target tree. Contact: [email protected].

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