Survey: Meadowood Butterfly and Dragonfly Survey, October 20th

Photo by Plant NOVA Natives, Mourning Cloak Butterfly


Meadowood Recreation Area
10406 Gunston Road
Lorton, VA, 22079 United States (map)

Butterfly and dragonfly surveys are carried out in temperate months (April-October), normally on Friday mornings, at one of four sites around Occoquan Bay, all within the 15-mile diameter circle established for the annual North American Butterfly Association’s Annual Count.

The results of these surveys are made available to the participants and other interested individuals and agencies, including the Fairfax County Park Authority, the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority, and agencies of the U.S. Interior Department. The results of the butterfly-dragonfly surveys are summarized, along with the results of the general surveys, in an annual report.

Participation is limited. Email us to make a reservation here.