Road Salt Trivia from the Virginia DEQ

A December 2019 survey found that around half of the population in Northern Virginia is allowed to telework during a winter storm. Of that population that can telework, only 20% always or mostly take advantage of that opportunity during a winter storm. Similarly, only 23% of people always avoid or postpone non-work activities during a winter storm. However, it is promising to note that 87% of respondents are willing to consider reducing or eliminating their travels if salt use had to be reduced. Although the impacts from salts were not well known by the respondents (on average less than 40% knew), most respondents (86%) are willing to consider supporting reductions in salt use if they knew of the impacts to drinking water and the environment. Click here to see the full summary that was presented at the last Education & Outreach workgroup meeting in February, 2020.

Learn more about the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality’s Salt Management Strategy Development.

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  1. Janet Quinn
    Janet Quinn says:

    It would be interesting to know whether more people are willing to telework during a snowstorm now, perhaps having had beneficial experiences with it due to COVID restrictions.

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