“Take Back the Forest” Twin Lakes Golf Course Invasives Management Area, November 5th

Photo Image: Courtesy of FMN Joe Gorney

Sunday, 5 November 2023
2:00-6:00 PM

Twin Lakes Golf Course
Invasives Management Area
6201 Union Mill Road
Clifton, Virginia

Site Leader Contact Information:
Joe Gorney
Cell/Text: 703-861-7322
[email protected]

FMN Members,

I’m the Site Leader for the Twin Lakes Golf Course Invasives Management Area in Centreville (just south of the Centreville High School). I have a workday planned for Sunday afternoon, November 5, staring at 2:00 PM. While I already have my full slate of 10 volunteers for that day (mostly students and their parents), I’m soliciting extra FMN volunteers to remove large vines and shrubs from a particularly overgrown area. I have reserved a large (30 yards) roll-off dumpster for the day, which will only be available for the weekend, and I would like to fill it.

The work would consist primarily of lopping or sawing off woody vegetation and dragging it about 75 yards to the dumpster. Our tools will be loppers and small tree saws. The principal targets include Autmn olive, Asiatic bittersweet, honeysuckle vine, and honeysuckle shrub. We might also dig out some of the roots with shovels.

If you are able to help on that day, please let me know via email. Although this event is already “full” on the on-line FCPA volunteer system (which is capped at ten volunteers), I could use at least another 10 people so that we can fill the dumpster! While I normally plan my volunteer workdays for two hours, I plan to keep cutting and dragging from 2:00-6:00 PM, to take full advantage of the dumpster. I will also reserve extra loppers, saws, shovels, tarps, and gloves from FCPA for the workday. I will report volunteer information and hours worked to FCPA after the event.

Please let me know if you can help “Take Back the Forest.” Thanks!

Tools and gloves will be supplied. Please bring water, insect repellant, and sunscreen. Wear long sleeves, long pants, hats, and sturdy shoes.

Enter the golf course from the main entry off of Union Mill Road, just south of Centreville High School. Once you enter through the gates, drive about 0.4 miles to the northern clubhouse parking lot and turn left into the lot. Park along the northern edge of the parking lot, closest to Work Area 1.

Work Areas:
Work areas are the north of the northern parking lot. Most student volunteers will continue to focus on Area 1. FMN volunteers will focus on the mature invasives within Area 2.

Joe Gorney

TWIN Lakes IMA Site Leader
[email protected]