VASWCD Photo Contest, deadline July 30th

Photo by Landon Martin on Unsplash

The Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District is committed to conservation of natural resources through stewardship and education programs and they want to see it through your eyes. The theme this year is “Conservation through the Local Lens.” Capture those vibrant moments and express what conservation looks like through your lens! The contest is open from February 1 – July 30, 2021. To learn more about the contest, please click here to download Rules & Judging. You can submit up to 10 photos. Click here to submit your photos.

All photographs must be taken within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Photographs taken outside the state of Virginia will be disqualified.

View the 2020 winners here.

NVCT Social Distancing Nature Photo Contest, entries accepted May 11th – June 15th

During these tough times, nature is bringing much-needed peace and tranquility to us all as spring blooms throughout Northern Virginia. Northern Virginia Conservation Trust wants to celebrate this beauty with you by holding the first-ever Spring Edition of their annual photo contest. The rules are the same as usual with one new twist that all photos will be judged together. We welcome submissions from anyone – especially young people – that wish to participate and submit their photos using our guidelines

Categories for Spring 2020:
From My Window
Photos of the nature visible from your window. This can be everything from views to your own flower boxes. Great for folks who may not have their own yards and live in apartments or condominiums.
My Backyard
Photos of the natural world available in our yards to those who have them. Kids and dogs playing are welcome!
Spring is Here
Photos that show the beauty of the world waking up from its winter slumber. New buds on trees, fox kits, baby deer – basically anything that says spring to you.
Social Distancing in Nature
Photos depicting how you and yours are social distancing while being renewed by nature during these difficult times.

Learn more here.

FMN Members are big winners in VMN photo contest

“Handsome Meadow Katydid,” First Place in the Macro/Night Category. Photo (c) by Barbara J. Saffir

At the 2019 VMN Statewide Conference and Training held 20-22 September 2019, VMN Program Director Michelle Prysby announced the 2019 photo contest winners.

FMN photographers won in three categories!

“Chincoteague Sunrise,” Third Place in the Virginia Landscapes Category. Photo by Fred Siskind.


“Snakeball,”  First Place in the Virginia Wildlife Category.  Photo (c) by Barbara J. Saffir.






FMN photo contest winners announced

The second annual Fairfax Master Naturalist photo contest is complete.  With thirty-five entries and six entrants, the judges were overwhelmed with superb choices.  Our  judges were only allowed to chose one photo for each category to forward to the statewide Virginia Master Naturalist contest.  For the statewide competition, the entries will be judged by a qualified group of judges who will select First place, Second place, and Third place for all five categories. Honorable Mention(s) will be awarded as the judges see fit. All entered pictures will be exhibited via a PowerPoint at the Fredericksburg Expo Center for the duration of the 2019 VMN Statewide Conference and Training.

Congratulations and best of luck to our Fairfax Master Naturalist contest winners:

Virginia native wildlife.  Photo by Ana Ka’ahanui.

Virginia native plant and fungi world. Photo (c) by Barbara J. Saffir.

Virginia native landscapes.  Photo by Fred Siskind.

Virginia native macro and night photography. Photo (c) by Barbara J. Saffir.

Virginia master naturalists in action. Photo (c) by Barbara J. Saffir.

Nature’s Best Photography on display at Museum of Natural History

The 23rd Annual Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards exhibition opened on October 29 at the National Museum of Natural History. Named for nature photographer and conservationist Windland Smith Rice, Nature’s Best presents breathtaking fine art prints and short videos that highlight the best of nature photography—and our spectacular planet.

The “23rd Annual Windland Smith Rice International Awards Smithsonian Exhibition” is on view through September 2019, on the second floor of the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

Entries to the 2019 competition may be submitted beginning November 1, 2018.

Now accepting photo contest submissions!

The Northern Virginia Conservation Trust‘s fifth annual Nearby Nature photo contest is now live and it’s excited to announce this year’s photo categories! The three photo groups will allow both adult and youth submissions and the competition will be open from now until midnight on October 31, 2018. Full details including submission guidelines, prize donors, and guest judges can be found on the NVCT website by clicking here. Please find this year’s photo categories below.

NVCT’s 5th Annual Nearby Nature Photo Contest
Local Land and Water
Wildlife in Northern Virginia
People Recreating in Nature