Another Great Volunteer Activity: Native Pollinator Garden at the Potomac River National Wildlife Refuge Center

Photo: COURTESY OF Potomac National Wildlife Refuge Center, Overgrown Pollinator Gardens

Tuesday, August 8, 2023
Visitor Services Specialist at Potomac River NWR
14050 Dawson Beach Rd.C
Woodbridge, VA 22191



Another opportunity to excel has risen up before us – literally! The existing native pollinator garden at the Potomac River National Wildlife Refuge Center has become overgrown and needs rejuvenating.

The initial workday has been scheduled for August 8 at 9AM

To signup, please click on this link:

Plan of attack is to pull/dig up all vegetation, enhance the soil by working in compost, then cover until an appropriate planting time in the fall (Sept/Oct), and finally remove debris to their dumpster.

The garden is relatively small (two 8×10 raised bed rectangles conjoined into an ‘L’ shape), so this initial effort should not take more than an easy 2 hours, tops.

Merrimac Farm chapter has been contacted, so this may be a chance to meet some neighboring VMNs, as well as, potential volunteers from Master Gardeners, Mom’s Kitchen, and NWRC Staff. 

Tools will be provided but you may bring your own favorites and your own work gloves.

So please come on down, meet some new people, check out a new place along the Potomac River, and dig some weeds!

FMN volunteers may claim service hours using, S543: Stewardship and Outreach – – FMN

By the way, this project developed as a direct result of NWRC engaging the FMN booth at the Eagle Festival and seeing the work done by volunteers at Mason Neck State Park. So kudos to all the volunteers who made a difference with the gardens at MNSP.

Coordinator and location for this event is:

Gabriela (Gabby) Youngken
Visitor Services Specialist at Potomac River NWRC
14050 Dawson Beach Rd.
Woodbridge, VA 22191
Mobile: (571)866-1262
Office: (703)490-4979 Ext. 52585

Thank you!