Virginia Waterways Cleanup Events for Fall 2019

YOU can make a difference!

Various dates and locations

On the 25th anniversary of this clean-up, be one of over the 104,000 volunteers who have, in that time, helped keep our beloved rivers and beaches clean. 

Since 1995, Clean Virginia Waterways, located at Longwood University, has organized the annual “International Coastal Cleanup in Virginia.” Volunteers pick up litter AND collect valuable data that are used by local and state governments to address litter.

The following is from Katie Register, Executive Director of Clean Virginia Waterways of Longwood University (with slight editing):

We know you care about our environment, so please do three little things:

1. Pick a cleanup (or two!) and volunteer for a few hours. You will FEEL GREAT when you see the contribution you have made to cleaner water.

2. Encourage your friends, family, and everyone else to participate in this annual statewide volunteer effort to remove litter and debris.

3. “Like” Clean Virginia Waterways on Facebook. There, you can share photos from your cleanup, and get information about worldwide efforts to keep waste and litter out of our oceans.

AND every time you pick up a piece of litter, you can record it using the smartphone app “CleanSwell” by the Ocean Conservancy. This helps us collect valuable data about the types of litter out there…and helps us form litter prevention strategies. Thank you!


Are you a leader? If so, please lead a cleanup! Learn how HERE. Clean Virginia Waterways will send you supplies.

Please join the effort in September and/or October! Cleaner rivers and oceans depend on us. Check it out and register for one near you (move down to see locations):

If you have questions, contact Katie Register, 434-395-2602,

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