Ecopsychology-a talk on the intersection of us and nature

Photo by Barbara J. Saffir (c)

Rust Library
380 Old Waterford Rd NW, Leesburg, VA 20176
Saturday, 5 October 2019
1 – 2pm

Dr. Laura Rodriguez will speak on Ecopsychology: From Nature as Other to Us as Nature.

Every day you hear or read news stories describing the ecological devastation of our time. You question, can I, one person in 7.7 billion, do anything to turn this tide? Yes, you can! Like a flock of starlings swooping, diving, and wheeling in the sky, you are vital to the forward movement of the whole.

The emerging field of Ecopsychology can point the way of individual thought and action which benefits the whole. Through Ecopsychology, as we expand our concept of “us as nature,” we can create change in the narrative of disconnection with nature and foster an ecological ethic of care for our communities and the world.

Dr. Rodriguez is on the faculty of Viridis Graduate Institute, an international graduate school for Ecopsychology. She has also spoken on this topic many times including at Science Alliance for Valuing the Environment, Lourdes University, OH; Mercy Health – St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Multidisciplinary Medical Grand Rounds, OH; and others. This program is presented by the Virginia Master Naturalists, Banshee Reeks Chapter.

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