Volunteer Opportunity: Authors for 2022 Reston Association State of the Environment Report

Since 2017, volunteers on a project team of the Reston Association Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) have produced the Reston Association State of the Environment Report (RASER) to inform residents about the state of various environmental attributes in Reston.
Project team leads Doug Britt (who also chairs the EAC) and Robin Duska are looking for additional volunteers with strong writing skills and subject matter knowledge or expertise to update the following chapters from the 2020 edition this summer:  MammalsReptiles & AmphibiansInvertebrates, and Hazardous Materials & Toxic Waste.
Authors are provided with a style guide, and the co-leads work closely with them to review and refine drafts ahead of publication. Each RASER chapter is structured to provide brief background on its subject, describe existing conditions for that subject in Reston, draw conclusions about the state of the environment in Reston for it, and make recommendations for preserving or improving conditions.
The project team will kick off the 2022 update of RASER at a Zoom meeting on June 9. All chapters in RASER are updated every other year, but its Report Card & Recommendations segment is updated yearly and briefed to the Reston Association Board of Directors.
Volunteers need not live in Reston to serve on the project team.
If you are interested in volunteering as an author or have questions, please contact Robin Duska via email at Robin.Duska@gmail.com